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One of a series of pieces created as a nod to changing seasons and all the happy times spent chatting with my grandma about our feathered garden visitors and what we’d like to grow. This tile has been built up by directly printing onto the wet clay surface. Slips and oxides have been added, along with imprints of old doilies, tangled threads or lace to create texture. Once bisque fired, it has been glazed and then fired for a third time to add the decal of my grandma’s or my own childish writing. I love the older generation’s cursive text, it’s so characterful and rhythmic. I've added the edge of a doily to finish it off giving it a sense of happy times looking at photos of her travels over a cuppa and a chocolate digestive from her old, battered silver biscuit caddy.


Earthenware, copper ink, slips, oxides, glazes & own screen printed decals.


Dimensions unframed: 158mm x 180mm (mounted on 230mm x 230mm quality mount board)

Wren -one of a kind monoprinted ceramic tile in open wooden frame

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